‘Game of Thrones’ Crew Breaks Down One of the Most Talked About Scenes of This Season

Before you move forward with the post and the video above, just a WARNING — spoilers ahead. If you got to see the latest episode of Game of Thrones titled “Spoils of War” then you were privy to witnessing one of the most talked about scenes of this season. 

GoT is calling the particular battle footage, “Loot Train Attack” and we see Jamie Lannister, Bron, and the Lannister army come face-to-face with Daenerys, the Dothraki warriors, and Drogon.

Without giving away too much, the scene shows “The Mother of Dragons” displaying more of her wrath us fans were waiting to see.  This particular mini documentary, however, has the GoT cast — actors, writers, producers, and directors — breaking down the action-packed segment to the finest of details. It’s pretty amazing how a scene like this is executed with such precision, almost similar to the “Battle of the Bastards” epic face off.

Watch above and let us know if last night’s battle scene makes your top GoT moments.


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