Gorillaz Deliver a Rare “Freestyle” for ‘Sway In The Morning’

To promote the new Gorillaz album Humanz, Damon Albarn stopped by Sway In The Morning for an in-depth exchange. On the heels of Gorillaz’s “first-ever on-camera interview”

as animated characters, Albarn sat side-by-side with De La Soul artist Pos and producer Twilite Tone to drop knowledge about Gorillaz’s origins, the new project, and more. Most notably, Albarn did something that’s rarely — if ever — attempted: he tried to cook up a Gorillaz freestyle. While Sway always makes sure the artists that enter his domain are put to the test, this round definitely went in a different direction.

You can check out Gorillaz’s (Damon Albarn’s) entire Sway In The Morning sit-down above; the freestyle session begins around 36 minutes in. For more, read up on the new Gorillaz tour and check out the group’s recent Reddit AMA.


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