‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Austin Amelio Talks Skating & Acting With ‘Transworld’

Austin Amelio explores his skateboarding past and more in a new interview with Transworld. While Amelio is probably best known as Dwight from The Walking Dead, he previously focused on building his talents

as a skater before becoming Negan’s right-hand man on the popular AMC series. Transworld dives deep into Amelio’s background before The Walking Dead, giving viewers a thorough 10-minute retrospective.

“Skateboarding came a year before acting,” Amelio tells Transworld. “I started skateboarding in third grade.” While Amelio spent the beginnings of his childhood in North Carolina, moving to California as a kid is what helped steer him into the direction of acting. The Walking Dead star began taking part in plays as a child, and engaged in a “back-and-forth” between skating and acting soon after. Following a brief struggle to get his foot in the door, Amelio finally landed the role of Dwight. “I’m always trying to do new stuff, that’s the plan.”

You can check out Transworld‘s full interview above.


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