Soulja Boy Will End Beef With Shia LaBeouf If Included in Next ‘Transformers’ Movie

Soulja Boy is extending an olive branch to Shia LaBeouf to squash the feud, but it comes with an interesting condition. The Atlanta rapper says he will end the beef between him and LaBeouf but only if the actor puts him in a film, preferably the Transformers franchise. The offer to make peace came by way of a series of stitched-together cellphone video clips via a TMZ report featuring Soulja Boy expressing both his disdain for LaBeouf’s diss, while maintaining some respect for his pen game. Soulja’s rant opened up as expected with digs at LaBeouf’s primary career. The video also featured Soulja’s announcement of a new diss track aimed at LaBeouf with the goal of ending his career per his words. Watch Soulja Boy’s latest comments on his beef with Shia LeBeouf in the clip below.



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