Watch Riz Ahmed Rap About Star Wars On The Tonight Show

Riz Ahmed is one hell of an actor, and later this year, he’ll follow up his memorable star turn as Naz on The Night Of by playing a character named Bohdi Rook in Star Wars: Rogue One. But Ahmed, as you already know if you’ve been reading this site, is also one hell of a rapper; alongside Heems, he’s half of the duo Swet Shop Boys. Last night, Ahmed was on The Tonight Show, where he was made to participate in a recurring Jimmy Fallon bit where he had to work three randomly-generated words into a freestyle. This time, the words all had to do with Star Wars, and Riz handled himself admirably; it’s fun to watch him work the punchlines out in his head as he’s rapping. Watch it below.

The Swet Shop Boys’ album Cashmere is out now on the duo’s own label Customs.


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