Watch PornHub’s Heartwarming Holiday Ad

This Christmas, individuals from all walks of life can be brought together by the modern age unifier of internet porn. In the misleadingly wholesome 90-second video, Santa brightens everyone’s Christmas by unlocking a premium membership to PornHub. We watch eyes light up and faces aglow with the incandescent light of some graphic Yuletide joy. There’s also a hidden surprise for those obsessed with Holiday advertisements:

all of the characters in the PornHub ad are, intentionally, taken from popular Christmas ads that aired last year. Some might be glad to hear that PornHub is planning to make this Christmas ad a tradition: “After last year’s spot we decided we wanted our Christmas campaign to become a hallmark of the holiday season for the whole family,” commented PornHub vice president Corey Price. After watching the video above, check out another SFW videocourtesy of PornHub.


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