Ryan Adams Debuts New Album Prisoner In Australia

Ryan Adams just announced that, following a short delay, his new album Prisoner will be out 2/17 via Pax Am/Blue Note/Capitol. That’s the cover art (a self-portrait?) above and lead single “Do You Still Love Me?” will arrive tomorrow. The album is apparently named after a Jacques stompbox, and Adams performed it in full at a secret show in Sydney last night, as the AU Review reports. It was his second performance with an all-new backing

band, the same band that worked with him on the just-completed Jenny Lewis album.

Playing all the new songs tonight on Prisoner and gonna melt it down with this sick band on old ones too.
Bring a helmet : )

Adams and his band are heading to Japan later this week, and in a new interview with The Japan Times, he discusses the inspiration behind the album and his recent divorce from Mandy Moore. “I started writing this record while I was going through a very public divorce, which is a humiliating and just a fucking horrible thing to go through no matter who you are,” he says. “To be me and to go through that the way that I did was destructive on a level that I can’t explain. So a lot of extra work went into keeping my chin up and remembering what I did and what I loved about who I was.”

Tonight, Adams played his first official show with the new band at Syney’s Enmore Theatre. Watch a clip of him performing Prisoner’s lead single “Do You Still Love Me?” and “Gosh, I Love Toast” (another of his famed improvised songs) plus check out the album’s full tracklist below.

01 “Do You Still Love Me?”
02 “Prisoner”
03 “Doomsday”
04 “Haunted House”
05 “Shiver And Shake”
06 “To Be Without You”
07 “Anything I Say To You Now”
08 “Breakdown”
09 “Outbound Train”
10 “Broken Anyway”
11 “Tightrope”
12 “We Disappear”


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