Marshawn Lynch Narrates Planet Earth’s Iguana vs. Snakes Chase Scene

Marshawn Lynch is affectionately known as Beast Mode, as it best describes his style of play: fast and powerful. No play is more deserving of this moniker than the famous “Beast Quake,” which occurred during a 2011 NFL Wild Card game between the Seattle Seahawks and the visiting New Orleans Saints. The eventual game-winning fourth quarter play saw Marshawn break nine tackles on his way to a 67-yard touchdown run. The play was so incredible that during and after the play, movement from Seattle fans jumping in celebration was so intense that it registered on a nearby seismograph. Beast, for sure.

Another beastly run that has garnered a lot of viral attention as of late is BBC’s Planet Earth II chase scene between a brave iguana and a massive nest of snakes. In typical internet fashion, a Reddit user mashed together these two epics getaways, using Marshawn’s breakdown of his legendary rush as the narration to the animal kingdom featurette. Enjoy it all below.



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