The New Trailer For FX’s ‘Legion’ Unearths A Deep, Bizarre Conspiracy

FX has unveiled the second trailer for its anticipated new show, Legion. A joint venture between FX and Marvel Television, Noah Hawley’s Legion revolves around the protagonist David Haller and his battle to unravel the paranormal truths behind his schizophrenia diagnosis. While the voices and visions he lives with might have made “medical

professionals” question his sanity, Haller quickly learns there’s a lot more than meets the eye following a bizarre chance encounter with another psychiatric hospital patient.

This week’s trailer introduces us to the conspiracy behind David Haller’s medical enslavement, which appears to be a malicious plot to suppress his supernatural talents. The characters played by Jean Smart, Rachel Keller, Katie Aselton, Mackenzie Gray, Aubrey Plaza and Jeremie Harris are also brought into the spotlight to further put together the pieces of the Legion puzzle. You can check out the new promotional vignette for Legion above. Legion is set to debut in early 2017.


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