Susan Sarandon Stars in Justice’s New Video for “Fire”

Justice and Susan Sarandon unite for the French duo’s latest visual. Revisiting the Audio, Video, Disco follow-up “Woman,” Justice deliver a vignette for LP standout “Fire.” Unlike the previous clip for fellow Woman record “Randy,” this new music video from Justice feels

like it could fit in a film. In the “Fire” visual, Justice and Susan Sarandon hit the road for a convertible-guided journey through the desert. According to a statement given to Rolling Stone by director Pascal Teixeira, the latest from Justice was inspired by a “casual conversation” about car washing. “The car design, the make, where that could take place, how much soap, the mood, the sun, and there should be a woman to go cruising with, an iconic mix of cool, allure and strength. [And] Susan Sarandon of course!” explained Teixeira.

You can view the video for “Fire” above. For more, check out our fashion-centered recent exchange with the acclaimed dance duo.


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