SpaceX Plans to Launch Over 4,000 Satellites to Provide Better Internet Around the Globe

It was revealed recently that SpaceX sent an application to the FCC for permission to launch 4,425 satellites that would provide high speed (1 Gbps) internet around the globe. Part of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s future forward plan involves launching more than three times the current number of active satellites into orbit. According to the FCC filing, the project will roll out in two phases if approved.

The initial phase would see 800 satellites that would provide internet to the US and several other countries sent into orbit. The second phase would see a total of 4,425 satellites in orbit, a project that would take five years to complete and provide 1 Gbps low-latency internet across the world. Additionally, the filing revealed Elon Musk’s stake in SpaceX, as he apparently holds a 54 percent stake in the corporation, double his stake in Tesla. Stay tuned to find out if the future forward project gets approved.


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