SEX Skateboards Founder Louis Slater Talks Inspiration, Creative Process and More

United Kingdom-based boutique, The Chimp Store, recently unveiled a brand new editorial spotlighting SEX Skateboards’ latest range for 2016 fall/winter. Alongside the striking imagery is an exclusive tête–à–tête with the fledgling skate brand’s founder,

Louis Slater. The artist/skater relayed his thoughts on the label’s design influences that originate not only from skateboarding, but from music and the artwork of Francis Bacon, Van Gogh, Picasso and Johnathan Messe.

It was only this past August when Slater debuted the upstart label and since then, he has garnered fervor and attention from both streetwear and high fashion industries. It’s hard to not miss the company’s subversive, iconoclastic branding that purveys a pair of scrawled lips coupled with the word “SEX” protruding across the latest series of garments. Take a look at SEX Skateboard’s latest offering above and then head over to The Chimp Store to shop all pieces.

Read the entire interview below:

Louis how’s it going? Thanks for taking time to do with this us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to this stage in the industry?

I’m good thanks, just keeping myself busy. I live in Sheffield were I work at my distribution company/skate shop, slugger. I guess that’s how I got to whatever stage I’m at.

Your background is skate; was it your inspiration for starting Sex Skateboards or was there an ulterior motive?

I started skating at a young age, maybe 11 or something. But my inspiration for the brand wasn’t just skateboarding, it was art, I just wanted to paint on t-shirts and skateboards.

How many people are involved in the brand? As an artist do you retain full control in the output of designs?

There are a few people involved now. I have control yes, but I’m open to any idea if its good.

Talk us through the creative process with Sex. What went into your decision to start it as a brand and what continues to inspire you?

The creative process came from 15 years of painting, I didn’t sit down and say I’m going to start a brand. I think there are way too many brands and that was the last thing I wanted to do. But I so happened to paint the sex logo on a t-shirt by chance and thought it looked to good not to do anything with it.

My inspiration comes from skateboarding – Tom Penny/Ali Boulala. Art- Francis Bacon/Van Gogh/Piccaso /Johnathan Messe. Music – Sex pistols and anyone else who is being creative and doing new things there own way and not giving a fuck about anyone else opinions or judgements.

Your graphic identity is very bold with the word ‘SEX’ proudly emblazoned on your products. How do the public react to you wearing it on the street?

Some people love it, some people cant believe that you’re top says sex on it. Look at Virgin Airlines/music etc , I always loved that name when it first started, now it’s just normal. So maybe Sex will be normal one day, a word is a word, its how you’re mind interprets it , then that’s what it becomes in you’re own reality.

The Internet is pivotal to making or breaking a brand. Would you put your sudden jump into the spotlight down to the powers of the web?

Sex was born on Instagram.

Where does Sex Skateboards fit in the current landscape of fashion?

If it fits in at all I don’t know, I’m just making shit that I think is cool.

What’s coming next? Anything you can give us an exclusive heads up on?

Erm I don’t know I was only supposed to do this for a year and a half like the Sex Pistols but the game plans changed haha.


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