LAAV Architects’ Villa Clessidra Concept Is Divided by a Swimming Pool

Who wouldn’t want a swimming pool inside their home? LAAV Architects has imagined

exactly that with its breathtaking Villa Clessidra concept. A 200-sqaure-meter cube-shaped space of steel and concrete, Clessidra isn’t just home to any indoor pool. Instead, the three-story layout sees its entire second floor given over to a glass-encased pool, allowing stairs to pass through it for a calming, seamless transition between the top and ground floors that encourages its tenants to unwind with a swim. Pool aside, the villa is gorgeous in its own right and features a glazed south-facing facade that can be retracted and fully opened

Sadly, however, Villa Clessidra remains in conceptual form. According to NEW ATLAS, LAAV Architects head Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou — who also happens to be one half of the renowned OPA Architecture, which conceived of the infamous cliff-set Casa Brutale — designed the villa for a client that ultimately backed out of the project.

Here’s to hoping someone else commissions the dwelling and makes Clessidra a reality.


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