A First Look at the ALYX x fragment design 2016 Collection

Cult fashion label fragment design, led by design visionary Hiroshi Fujiwara, has

announced its collaboration with Matthew Williams’ ALYX imprint. Following a long list of sought-after ventures with visvim, Jordan Brand, Nike (as HTM), and most recently Louis Vuitton, Hiroshi’s latest output takes form as a 12 piece collection that riffs off of both designer’s affinity for past subcultures — think skateboarding, punk and hip-hop. Standout items include a foldable tee with a “Natural Order” graphic which folds to read “Fuck You,” a design inspired by a Shorty’s Skateboard tee Williams owned as a kid. Other pieces include trousers crafted from suiting fabric with the word ALYX woven into the stripe, a bomber crafted from luxe fabric, in addition to hiking boots made from Italy’s Rowa. Each piece is thoroughly executed with the aim of bringing more meaning to the fickle world of fashion. “There’s so much stuff that’s just product for the purpose of being product,” said Williams to GQ. “But at some point we all need to have an opinion about something. I don’t want to get too radical. It’s scary. Who knows what the world’s gonna be like for future generations”

Coinciding with the drop will be ALYX’s web store launch. Stay tuned for more information on the collection’s release date and stockists.


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